CCL22: IO140

Recruitment of CD4+ regulatory T-cells to the site of an ongoing immune reaction is a central immune suppressive mechanism. CCL22 is a chemokine produced by tumor associated macrophages and is a primary recruiter of regulatory CD4+  T-cells to tumors, which plays a crucial role in immune suppression and tumor escape. Overproduction of CCL22 has been demonstrated in a number of human cancers including ovarian cancer.  

Our fully owned IO140 program is a first-in-class, immune modulatory vaccine containing a single CCL22 derived peptide designed to engage and activate CCL22-specific human anti-regulatory T-cells.

IO140 is currently in preclinical development.


CCL22 specific T cells: Modulating the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment
OncoImmunology, September 2016