IO130: IO Biotech’s lead anti-cancer therapy targeting TDO

IO130 is an anti-cancer therapy containing an XX-mer TDO-derived peptide. it is a disruptive immune modulating anti-cancer therapy with dual mode of action killing both cancer and immuno suppressive cells.

IO130 is a first-in-class TDO anti-cancer therapy which potentially can be the ideal safe and effective add-on treatment to checkpoint inhibitors for multiple cancer indications.

Clinical status

IO Biotech is currently planning clinical activities. 

Preclinical and clinical data

IO Biotech has preclinical data confirming

• TDO-specific T-cells can be isolated from cancer patients and these T-cells possess killing activity against TDO expressing tumor cells 
• spontaneous T cell-mediated immune reactivity against TDO in cancer patients of of different origin.
• Melanoma patients hosting a spontaneous TDO-specific Th1 response showed a trend towards an improved OS.  
• Targeting TDO by peptide vaccination and subsequent activation of endogenous TDO-specific T cells aims at abrogation of TDO-mediated immunosuppression, and killing of TDO+ cancer cells
 In addition, indirect effect is confirmed based on data from our proprietary technology platform T-Win
• Boosting of anti-viral immunity (T-cell activity)
• Boosting of anti-cancer therapies (T-cell activity)
• Boosting of anti-cancer immunity

Publications by founders

Tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase (TDO)-reactive T cells differ in their functional characteristics in health and cancer
OncoImmunology, January 2015