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Technology: T-win®

The immune system plays a critical role in protecting the body against pathogens and malignancies by locating and eliminating unwanted cells, including cancer cells. The healthy immune system employs a number of inherent mechanisms to balance the immune response, ensuring that unwanted cells are eliminated without harmful local tissue damage. These mechanisms include:

  • Upregulations of check-point molecules like PD-L1/L2 - that down-regulate the activity of effector T-cells
  • Secretion of catabolic enzymes limiting the availability of amino acids required for immune cell survival, growth, and function
  • Recruitment of immune regulatory cell subsets like regulatory T-cells and myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSCs), via secretions of chemoattractant molecules.

Cancer cells adopt one or more of these strategies making the tumor microenvironment less conducive for anti-tumor immunity, and thus enabling the cancer cells to escape immune attack and continue to grow and metastasize.

IO Biotech is developing a new class of immune modulating therapies designed to engage and activate a subset of naturally occurring anti-regulatory T-cells, that reacts to immune suppressing molecules like the checkpoint molecule PD-L1, the catabolic enzymes IDO and arginase as well as the chemokine CCL22.

When activated in vivo, the anti-regulatory T-cells expand and infiltrate tumor expressing these immune suppressive molecules. In the tumor, the anti-regulatory T-cells modulate the tumor microenvironment by eliminating immune suppressing cells like tumor associated macrophages, MDSCs and regulatory T-cells. This changes the immune balance in the tumor supporting anti-tumor immunity.

Simultaneously, the anti-regulatory T-cells directly eliminate the tumor cells expressing the immune suppressive molecules. Together, these mechanisms boost the immune response against the tumor and restore the patients´ anti-tumor immunity and the ability to control and eliminate the cancer cells.

Our unique T-win® technology platform allows us to identify, design, and validate new immune modulating vaccine candidates in humans. Our T-win® molecules are designed to engage and boost antigen-specific anti-regulatory T-cells in vivo based on a validated and safe peptide vaccination platform.

Peptide-based vaccines is a validated and safe approach to engage and stimulate T-cell in humans.  The benign safety profile and flexible treatment regimen make T-win® vaccines suitable as effective single agent therapies and as combination partners with other cancer therapies, adding treatment efficacy without additional toxicity.  


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