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Novo Holdings, the holding company in the Novo Group, is responsible for the management of the assets of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, which are currently valued at more than DKK 300 billion.

Novo Holdings is a private limited liability company fully owned by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Besides being the major shareholder in the Novo Group companies, Novo Holdings provides seed and venture capital to development stage companies and takes significant ownership positions in well-established companies, within life science, as well as manages a broad portfolio of financial assets.

For further information visit www.novo.dk



As the majority shareholder in three large Danish companies, Lundbeck, Falck and ALK-Abelló, Lundbeckfonden is one of the largest, industrial foundations in Denmark. In 2015, the market value of the foundation’s commercial activities amounted to close to DKK 50 billion including a portfolio of internally managed securities of about DKK 15 billion. In addition to this, the foundation manages a portfolio of more than 20 life science investments. Lundbeckfond Emerge is the early stage investment unit of the foundation.

With a primary focus on brain health, Lundbeckfonden annually grants DKK 400 - 500 million to support biomedical research of the highest, international quality as part of the foundation’s vision to create better lives through new knowledge.

For further information visit www.lundbeckfonden.com


Sunstone Life Science Ventures is an independent European venture capital investment firm located in Copenhagen Denmark, founded in 2007 by an international team of industry experts with combined entrepreneurial, operational and financial experience. Sunstone Life Science Ventures focus on clinical development of prescription drugs based on novel active pharmaceutical ingredients and chemical or biological entities, that are established on a substantiated hypothesis about target-antagonist/agonist effects or a detailed understanding of a pathway, molecular interaction or the cellular/molecular biology of a disease.  Since the inception, Sunstone Life Science Ventures has invested in more than 40 companies, and has completed more than 20 successful IPOs and large M&A transactions.

For further information visit www.sunstone.eu