Priyanka Belawat, Ph.D.

Member – HBM Healthcare Investments

Dr. Belawat has served as a member of our board of directors since January 2021. Dr. Belawat has over 13 years of experience in venture and private equity investing in the healthcare space and has served as an Investment Advisor at HBM Partners AG since February 2007. Dr. Belawat actively manages investments in the biopharmaceutical industry, especially drug development in oncology, neurology, sepsis and fibrosis in geographies like the U.S., Europe and selected emerging markets like China and India. Dr. Belawat received a Ph.D. in molecular biology and genetics from the University of Zurich, and completed her post-doctorate work at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Dr. Belawat is a board member of BioAtla, Inc., BioNeurelis Inc., iTeos Therapeutics, Inc. and Adrenomed AG.